Nothing between Kanye West and J. Cole has ever yet spiraled out of control, the potential has been there - in fact many had believed that Cole's "It won't be to sell you my lil' sneakers," line on Middle Child was a direct reference to Yeezy's shenanigans in 2018. Not only that, J. Cole has been taking shots at Kanye in the opening verse of False Prophets. 

While the shots are live, thusfar Yeezy has yet to respond in any real documented manner, but that may be changing. In a newly released snippet of track from Pusha T's "What would Meek do?" we can hear Kanye directly addressing J. Cole and "that song" - likely referring to False Prophets. 

"You heard Cole on that song He was tryna hate"

Kanye can be heard spitting this verse before it cuts - we shouldn't forget that Daytona came right before Ye's Drake beef, so it's very possible Ye was heated at the time. 

June 04, 2019 — Admin Account

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