Take a minute and try to imagine what Kid Cudi meant when he said Eminem "Fucking Destroyed" their newest song "The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady." One has to think that if Cudi meant that verbatim, there would have been some editing before publishing the song yeah?

Well one publication actually ran with the quote as is, and is now feeling Cudi's wrath as the Cleveland native slapped back, taking the energy to clarify his words. As mind boggling as it sounds, Cudi said he was actually complimenting Slim - 

"Never said this and im not sure how yall came up w it," said Cudi, referring to the story about him initially being displeased with "The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady. "I was clearly excited about my feature. Never once said I was unhappy about it nor did my energy suggest that. So to NME, get ur shit together and stop spreading LIES."

Kid Cudi also took time from his dissing to give positive shoutouts to publications whom gave him positive press. 

July 14, 2020 — Admin Account

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