Everyone knows that Kim K loves the 'gram and simply knows how to do it. Capturing the attention of social media is something that just comes naturally to Kim K. Recently, the beauty mogul reminded everyone just that when she dropped her latest thirst trap on Instagram. Kim, who is in the middle of a divorce with Kanye, posted the photo in a smoldering black two-piece with a clever and witty caption - "resting beach face" 

Kim's younger sister Khloe made sure to get in on the fun as well. Khloe added to the mix by sharing "Goodness that water is blue," cheekily ignoring her sister's thirst trap attempt. Kim and Khloe's almost brother-in-law Scott Disick also joined in, and commented, "what a beach." 

All in all it looks like Kim K was enjoying herself. What do you think?

August 03, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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