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The acclaimed actor has stated that with all that is happening in the world, award ceremonies are the least of worries.

Even though Lakeith Stanfield was nominated at this year's Oscars Ceremony, he doesn't seem overly concerned with Academy. The celebrated actor received a nod in the Best Supporting Actor category—an inclusion that he shares with his Judas and the Black Messiah co-star, Daniel Kaluuya. However, Stanfield emphasized that there are more pressing issues going on in the world than award season. 

The Oscars are easily one of the most coveted awards in the entertainment business, but not everyone places The Academy on a pedestal. As quickly it was posted, it was then deleted, Lakeith reportedly shared a screenshot of a Deadline article that spoke about the Oscars changing their in-person policy and possibly opening the ceremony up to Zoom. The Academy received backlash for reportedly stating that attendees were required to meet at the scheduled venue.

"No one cares lmao," Lakeith wrote in the caption. "Real stuff is happening. Who cares about awards."

There was also a bit of confusion surrounding Stanfield's nomination this year because he was nominated, along with Kaluuya, for a supporting category role even though both were lead actors in Judas and the Black Messiah. Addressing the controversy, Stanfield previously stated, "I'm confused too but f*ck it lmao."

March 31, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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