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Lil baby Seems To Be Calling Out Kodak Black - Says To Stop Sneak-Dissing him Online

Every week in the Hip Hop Community there seems to be some new drama between couples, friends, or nemeses. Recently, Kodak Black and Pooh Shiesty were briefly engaged in a back and forth social media feud. The Memphis based rapper took offense after Kodak took credit for the recent flaunty, money-spreading trends in photos on social media. In a video posted online, Kodak appeared to call out Lil Baby, checking him for his lyrics in "Finesse Out The Gang Way" where he says he "invented" showing money on the 'Gram.

Pooh went on to cover the last 10 years, saying hes been spreading money on his arms and legs long before Kodak even got into the rap game, which prompted heated conversations from both parties. Lil Baby had been keeping quiet on the issue though. 


At first, Lil Baby stayed silent, but it appears now hes getting around to responding to Kodak, calling him out via subtweeting, requesting that they quit sneak-dissing him online. 

"Don’t sneak diss on the internet call me," wrote Baby on Twitter on Thursday morning. While the Atlanta rapper doesn't mention anybody in particular, the post was shared on multiple blog sites on Instagram, where commenters have been theorizing that this is meant for Kodak Black. 

March 09, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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