This past week, the Chicago Cubs welcomed hometown rapper Lil Durk to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at their game against their intra-city rival, Chicago White Socks. The pitch definitely wasn't the best anyone had ever seen, and Durk was roasted by fans online after he missed the home plate. 

"The love I receive is undeniable fr," Durk, who recently announced he would no longer be name-dropping the dead, wrote on Twitter after throwing out the pitch.

The stadium may have shown love, but fans online were, at time, ruthless.

"He can slide for first base but he can’t even slide for Von," one fan responded to the throw.

Another wrote: "It blows my mind how many people can’t throw a ball. Wtf did y’all do as kids?"

While we are all used to professionals making it look easy, first pitches have been historically difficult for celebrities, and can definitely be a source for anxiety. Some fans were quick to compare Durk's throw to 50 Cent's infamous whiff back in 2014, which is widely considered to be one of the worst of all time.

"50 Cent has entered the chat," one user on Twitter joked after seeing Durk's throw.

Check out the first pitch and responses to it below.

August 12, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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