Lil Mosey has reportedly been charged with rape in Washington.

Things are not looking good for Lil Mosey, aka Lathan Moses Stanley Echols. Lil Mosey is reportedly in a whole lot of trouble as reports are indicating that the rapper is currently a wanted man in the state of Washington. The reason? The 19-year-old recording artist has reportedly been charged with rape and cops are looking to arrest him.

The teenager is accused of skipping out on a mandatory court date after being charged with second-degree rape. Because he didn't show up, he's officially a wanted man and there is a warrant out for his arrest, according to TMZ. 

The alleged incident took place back in January of this year, when a woman claimed that she and another woman visited a cabin to see Lil Mosey before she was raped by him and another man. The first victim claims to have consented to have sex with Mosey in a car, but that later she blacked out at the cabin from drinking too much, where later she says Mosey had sex with her again.

Then, she allegedly blacked out again and woke up with the other man forcing himself on her.

The alleged victim claims she suffered bruising on her arm, neck, and knees. 

If convicted,d Lil Mosey faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.  

April 23, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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