Lil Wayne is no stranger to the hustle, and is one of the renown artists to continually push themselves on their flow, and in the studio. Alongside Jay-Z, Eminem, Dre and Drake, it's why he's up there as one of the best rappers alive. 

Lil Baby interviewed Lil Wayne for a Rolling Stone episode of Musicians on Musicians series, and Weezy ended up opening up about some of the penultimate albums that shaped him into the artist he is today. 

"Jay-Z, Life and Times of Shawn Carter, plain and simple," reflected Wayne, when asked about the first album that impacted him. "It was the first album where I actually [got] the car that the rapper was talking about. That was my album. Also, Jay talked so crazy. He went bananas on that album. I got lyrics from the album tattooed on me and shit. I have songs that are remakes of spinoffs of songs from that album, you know?

Jay-Z's Life and Times series are arguably his biggest albums to date, and his third album which Weezy mentioned features classics like "Big Pimpin," "Dope Man," "Watch Me," "So Ghetto" and more. During the original release way back in 1999, Lil Wayne would have just put out his first album, and would have been around 17 years old. 

Check out the interview wit Lil Baby and Lil Wayne for yourself here, and let us know if you can spot the influences in Weezy's music.
December 30, 2020 — Peter Tosto

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