Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae Carter received some major love from Lauren London and Toya Johnson after remarks made by her father and 50 Cent during one of their conversations. 

While it's already been a few days since the last Young Money radiocast, 50 Cent's words concerning black women are still setting the internet on fire. During a dating discussion, 50 commented on how he's attracted to "exotic" women, and the regular black women get all kinds of angry about it. 

"They get mad. They get angry. You see a lot of sisters go, ‘You f*ck with this kind of girl and that kind of girl?’" 50 said. "That sh*t is exotic! That sh*t look a lot different than the sh*t you see in the neighborhood all of the time. That sh*t look like it came off a boat." Lil Wayne just sat back and laughed. 

Later on Reginae Carter seemed to reference the conversation in a social post saying "I'm black ! I'm beautiful ! I'm enough ! I'm exotic ! I'm amazing ! I'm one of a mf kind !!!!! Now where my black beautiful Queens at ?" Her mother Toya Johnson almost immediately cosigned the comment saying "My daughter so Damn beautiful! You are everything Queen! Don't ever forget that. #myblackqueen."

Laura London, another one of Lil Wayne's ex's also cosigned the comment, reposting the chain and saying "Young Beautiful Queen!" What're your thoughts about the controversy? Let us know and comment below. 
July 07, 2020 — Admin Account

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