Houston singer and household name, Lizzo, who has already made headlines once for twerking at an NBA game, took time out of this past week to clarify her exact stance on twerking and its significance to black culture at TED Monterey. 

During the Ted Talk, Lizzo not only gave some brief history of the dance, but warned that non-black dancers about appropriating the move. Lizzo then gave quite possibly the most thorough and demonstrative lecture on twerking and why she believes the sometimes controversial dance is "good for humanity." She was accompanied by 5 others during the demonstration.

Previously, the singer has found herself in the middle of controversy before due to her passion for twerking. In 2019, Lizzo turned heads when she suffered an "intentional wardrobe malfunction" while dancing on the sidelines of a Los Angeles Lakers. While some shrugged the incident off as comical and expressive, others criticized the singer for exposing herself to children watching at him and in the audience.

August 07, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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