In case anyone had forgotten about Ludacris' rap game, he served up a quick reminder that he's still quite comfortable and formidable with the bars, delivering a quick freestyle over a Drumma Boy Banger. Ludacris has given us classic albums like Word Of Mouf and Chicken & Beer. And though he hasn't been quite so active on the musical front as he once was, that's not to say he doesn't bring his A-game every single time, even with a small hiatus in between. Recently, Luda pulled up a banger from Drumma Boy's Drumma Boy And Friends album and served up a quick sixteen, packed with punchlines as expected.

Luda posted to the gram a quick lyrical video
"Still nobody fucking with me, whole crew all we do is ball like n***as stuck in the bubble with me," he begins. "Going against me not smart, I'm the grand wizard you want no part / you the scarecrow, you get no brain, like the tin-man you got no heart / cowardly lion, you be cowardly lyin' bout all the money you make or the money you fake / 22 acres raining money soon as you come in my gate / let it monsoon, we the stormtroopers / if the stars warring I'm George Lucas / don't blame me if your whore choosin', like Eazy-E I was born ruthless."
Photo Credit: Concrettour, Wikicommons
February 11, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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