While Machine Gun Kelly had a handful of moderately successful records before "Tickets To My Downfall," it wasn't until then that he hit another mile mark, reaching the #1 spot on the charts. While a critical success, the road to development was a tumulus one as described by Kelly himself. 

MGK admitted to NME that during the recording process, he was "coked out of [his] mind in a drunken stupor." Furthermore, the record serves as his "diary," and Megan Fox entering his life served as a major inspiration for the album. 

"I did fall in love during the making of this record, and I did become a better person. It’s interesting," MGK told the publication. "There was probably a crossroads in the middle of making this album where the title would have lived up to the reality. I think the universe caught on to me wanting to make a change. It was like: ‘Maybe we won’t make this a reality; maybe we’ll make this ironic.’ Instead of the downfall, go ahead and have the biggest rise of your fucking life.


And for all those whom doubted him on his previous life and road to release? He had a message: F*ck you to any of the motherfuckers on the internet who tried to make a joke of what is now the Number one f*cking album.


October 28, 2020 — Peter Tosto

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