How much is Jay Z’s net worth? When the cards are down the music mogul’s got the dopest style and the biggest bankroll of anyone currently in Hip Hop. When you’re on top of the world it’s easy to look fresh, but Hip Hop Bling can help you represent like Jay Z, without a fraction of the cash he’s got on hand.

You know he and Beyonce went on a spending spree last summer, netting several homes that average to $33M? They’ve got cash on hand, a wonderful family, and all from a man who rapped about not wanting them fast cars anymore, just some nice clean drawers. Dude slays, but still is on top of the game.

From FIRE iced out rings, cuban chains that are poppin’ off, banging bling pendants and more, Hip Hop Bling’s got the dopest hip hop pieces for sale online. When you’re looking to represent like Hov, without a fraction of the bank the man at the top of the mountain rolls with.
October 19, 2018 — AGREED OMAR

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