Fans of Mary J Blige have been very vocal about wanting to see her take the stage on Verzuz. As rumors began to circulate about Toni Braxon and Mary J Blige uniting for a Verzuz on July 4th, Verzus quickly swooped in to lay the gossip to rest. "We love both ladies, but this is not a confirmed #VERZUZ event," Verzuz shared earlier this week. "Please stay tuned for upcoming announcements on our future shows."

Recently, Blige appeared on The Breakfast Club, where she was asked if she would consider making an appearance on the popular series. "I don't know what a Verzuz would do for me," she said with a laugh. The hosts responded that the show or her performance isn't for her, but for her fans. Blige continued to be pleasant and laugh along, but didn't seem all that interested. 



June 24, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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