Method Man doesn't seem to understand how newer rappers can afford the ridiculously luxurious lifestyles they broadcast on social media.

Everyone knows that people in the Hip Hop Community love to flaunt their success. Whether its flashing some bling, taking selfies in far away destinations, or posting on the 'gram from private jets, showing off is part of the deal in the Hip Hop Community. However, Method Man is not so convinced. 

Method Man, a longtime legend who has achieved his own success in a variety of different mediums, just doesn't seem to buy that there is seemingly infinite wealth in the new rap landscape. He even expressed his feelings and opinions about it during a recent interview with Math Hoffa, as noted by HipHopDX. In fact, Meth all but demanded answers about the fortunes of rap's nouveau riche, implying that something may very well be afoot behind the scenes.

"Now, [rappers] are fuckin' rockstars," comments Meth. "I remember getting twenty-five hundred a show. 'All I Need' had dropped, and I'm doing shows every fuckin' day. Seven days a week. I had to tell the manager to raise the price...Next thing I know, I'm getting twenty-five g's a show, and I'm forgetting cause I love what I'm doing so much. Now we're in an era where these kids got more money then--son, I couldn't imagine. I don't even got a car. My kids got cars, my wife got a car. But these kids got four, five cars."

"I still ain't taking private jets!" laughs Meth. "Where are they getting this money? They got a deal or some shit? No fucking way that they flying private all the time. That money long as fuck. At minimum, that's 30 grand round trip. Where are they getting this money from, can somebody tell me? I need that hustle. They paying to fly a private jet, and they're doing it all the time!"

Check out the interview below and see for yourself!

March 26, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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