Metro Marrs is making headlines right now and it's not what you are likely expecting. This time, its for tossing thousands of dollars into the crowd at his graduation, sending everyone into a frenzy. While it earned him loud ovation from those in attendance, school officials and police officers were not impressed or amused. 

In what is now viral footage, Marrs is seen crossing the stage and deciding to go out with a bang, begins launching bills into the crowd, literally making it rain on his fellow grads. The crowd went wild, reaching up to grab the bills as they fell from the sky. Ecstatic grads were grateful for the gesture, but school officials were not. Several of them got out of their seats to reprimand Marrs and then he was arrested. All in total, he threw about 10k into the crowd. Watch the viral videos below. 



May 26, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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