As Thursday approaches, the lives of many young men and NBA hopefuls are about to change forever. The NBA Draft is about to kick off, and as a bottom dweller the Minnesota Timberwolves 1st draft pick could potentially send them into success this season. 

According to ESPN's NBA Draft expert Jonathan Givony, the Timberwolves have been deep in discussion regarding whom they may pick- however if they feel they won't be able to grab the right player, they may end up trading their pick. All this said, if they don't decide to trade, it's likely their pick will be Anthony Edwards of Georgia. 

Jonathan Givony had this to say: 

“Trade talks are still heavily in play for this pick, but most NBA teams are now getting the sense that Edwards is the likely selection if the Wolves stay put. He brings a positional fit with D’Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns, while Wiseman and Ball would overlap with those franchise cornerstones.”

Other analysts has suggested LaMello Ball would be the first pick, but we believe if they're smart, the Timberwolves will draft a shooting guard to fill in their deficiencies. 

November 27, 2020 — Peter Tosto

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