Nas has given an up close look at his amazing Tony Montana Halloween costume!!

Nas is absolutely stunned us in typical mob fashion as he shows off his amazing Tony Montana Halloween costume. This seems to be a very typical and common trend among rappers of any age that they love to mirror mob bosses especially on the occasion of Halloween. This is what brings us to an amazing costume by Nas. Nas is one of hip hop's most notable artists ever the 48-year-old took the Instagram to post a selfie of him as Tony Montana for the holiday of Halloween. For those of you who don't know Tony Montana is the mob boss of all my boss being the fictional character and protagonist in the legendary 1983 mob movie Scarface. Nas executed such an amazing flawless look from what he showed in the post on Instagram as he matched his clothes with his chain and an unforgivable look that made Montana such a beloved figure. What an amazing costume this was keep it up nas!!!

November 02, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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