Yet another woman has now come forward to claim that she has allegedly had a baby by rapper youngBoy Never Broke again. She took to the gram to show offer her newborn baby Kaell to the world. 

"To my first born, I love you so much, I pray god protects you every step of the way," wrote YoungBoy's alleged baby mama. "I will protect you every step of the way. You melt my heart, I never knew I could feel this way. I love you stinky fat."

Fans immediately started attacking the woman on social media. She fired back saying, "Y'ALL NOT HURTING ME OR KAELL SPEAKING ON HIM. HE'S WELL FED AND FINE. GOODNIGHT FANS JUST HAD TO SHOW MY FINE CREATION."

However, in the comments, people are finding it hard to believe that this isn't YoungBoy's baby, given how similar the baby boy looks to the rapper. 

"Allegedly? That’s his whole face," said one fan. "Oh yea that's definitely his," said another. "Ain’t no denying this one," said somebody else. "He really makes some cute babies," added somebody about YB. "He looks just like him."

To date, YoungBoy has not posted about Kaell. Not to mention, his social media pages are presently deactivated. However, for his other kids, he has shown that he's an active father figure. He does receive some flack from followers at having a confirmed seven children at his young age, but he's proven to be a pretty loving father with them, spending as much time as he can with Kacey, Kayden, Armani, Taylin, and his other little ones.

September 29, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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