NBA Youngboy Never Broke Again's had a bit of a trying time of it with legal issue plaguing his career and bigger issues in his personal life. Earlier this year in Miami Youngboy was leaving his hotel in Miami for Rolling Loud, Youngboy was shot at.

While he wasn't hurt, a nearby bystander was struck, and killed by a bullet meant for Youngboy. It feels like just yesterday that Big Sean was commenting on the magnitude of ending a life. 

Now Youngboy, along with his label Atlantic Records is offering to pay for the poor man's funeral. Mohamed Jradi was slain that day by a bullet meant for Youngboy, and now the rapper and label are trying to provide a bit of financial ease. Regrettably nothing can bring back the 43 year old man whom worked at Hertz Rental Cars, nor the damage a other stray gunshots did to a 5 year old boy within the area.
May 22, 2019 — Adam Wilbanks

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