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New Album with Drill Song Snippet Teased by Young M.A

March 04, 2021 1 min read 0 Comments

It's always great to see when up and coming artists are on their grind and Young M.A has been goin steady for a minute, a work ethic that has obviously paid off after catching the ear of Eminem.  Continuing on her grind,  now she is looking to get the ball rolling on her next endeavor, taking to Instagram to highlight a new banger from her upcoming and untitled album.


From the sound of it, youngma as she goes by on Instagram appears to be embracing the Brooklyn drill style that's been sweeping the game. She starts off with some notably aggressive bars. "I'm Henny'd up, styrofoam, call that bitch my sippy cup," she raps. "High as shit, pissy drunk, probably fucked my kidneys up / Fendi down, Fendi up." She pauses, readjusting her approach. "The money calling, hit me up like pick me up, hello / hello baby, I go crazy, no, I go brazy / this a Vetti, no Mercedes / in a forty, I go eighty."

"I don't need a wife, I been hoe-ing lately,"."Just want the pussy, can't get to know me baby." Though she's not exactly breaking new ground with these bars, M.A never fails to bring power, character, and charisma to whatever she's throwin.