Yet another Drake song has leaked on Twitter and Reddit, and users believe it's the unfinished track "Intoxicated." 

With all of the unreleased music for Drake that's leaked, at this point we really should just compile it all into a single album. Drake is among the many artists whom was the target of a hack, but it's possible that the leaks here and there have only helped him, hyping up fans and critics alike for the actual release. 

While fans are anxiously awaiting official word, they've been playing the latest leak on repeat. Back in June "Sound 42/Need Me" leaked, and here were back again. It's unclear at what stage of Drakes career the rumored "Intoxicated" was made. 

We've had plenty of Drake music to drop this past year including Dark Lane Demo Tapes, which is said to be a prelude to his upcoming album. Hi snewest album is said to drop during the summer, so keep your eyes peeled - until then, enjoy the brand new leaked beats to listen to. 

August 11, 2020 — Peter Tosto

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