Nick Young or the Swaggy P has announced his plans to name his newborn son after the late hip hop legend Tupac Shakur - as one of the most popular and most vocal names in basketball, he's found himself in the middle of a lot of controversy, and we're wondering if his name choice will be the same. 



 Once Iggy Azalea's boyfriend and ex-Laker, now father with the beautiful Keonna Green, Young is hoping the baby will arrive on 2Pac's birthday itself. 

"Bady [sic] number 3 hopefully the 16 on 2pac bday," said Swaggy. "I’m naming him Nyce Amaru Young or Nyce Shakur."

What's your preference between the two names? Regardless, the late and great 2Pac will be remembered. 

June 09, 2019 — Admin Account

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