It's doubtful the NCAA is happy with Odell Beckham Jr. right now, although it's doubtful Odell could give a flying care. His antics after the LSU's victory over the Clemson Tigers may have raised a few eyebrows, but the former Bayou Bengal was in rare form when he took the field. 

As seen below, OBJ was out after the 42-25 victory handing out fat stacks of cash to LSU receivers Jontre Kirklin and Justin Jefferson. 

With 9 catches for 106 yards, Jefferson is eligible for the 2020 NFL Draft - as is Kirklin. Both are juniors, and should they choose to forgo their senior season and enter the draft, the NCAA is up that creek without a paddle in doing anything in regards to OBJ's generous title game gift. 

Jefferson specifically is expected to forgo his senior year after dropping 111 receptions for 1,540 yards and 18 touchdowns throughout the season.

Besides handing out cash, OBJ also partied with the team post-game in the locker room. He danced and joked with the team about selling Jefferson's cleats from the game for $200,000, all while Ezekial Elliot of Ohio State looked on. 

January 14, 2020 — Admin Account

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