It’s 2018, year of some of the dopest albums to drop in years and Pharrell Williams is still slayin’ it as a record producer, film maker, rapper, singer and song writer. With his massive own multi-media ventures that encompass entertainment, music, fashion, art and more Pharrell has moved past his rap origins to be a mogul of the game today.

Real questions though, just how much is Pharrell Williams worth in 2018? As of this writing, his net worth is assumed to be approximately $150 Million due to the multitude of tracks (Happy high among them), his Despicable Me work, fashion design and straight up hustle.

Whether it’s designing 1000 Euro sneakers for Chanel and Adidas, narrating The Grinch, or scoring The Incredible Spiderman, Pharrell is keeping himself busy with a multitude of music and filmography now, and into the foreseeable future. We wish him and his family well, he’s a true product and hustler of the game.

December 13, 2018 — Admin Account

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