Over the years anyone attempting to decipher Playboi Carti's antics have been met with confusion and a twisted sense of what's right and wrong - but those whom choose to dive deep are rewarded for their efforts. Such seems to be the case of a few Carti fans who believe they've discovered the runtime for his upcoming Whole Lotta Red album. 

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XXL reported that Carti's hairdresser Rhonnie Lee revealed in an IG live video the length of WLR, popping in at 18 songs, coming in just barely short of Die Lit. Lee also claimed that "Meh" was never intended to be the album cover -  "we didn't shoot the album cover. I thought that the one cover that he just released the other day with him, the black background and him in all back and shit that's just the single. We haven't shot his official album cover with like, all 18 songs on it yet. That's what he was calling me about the other day."

April 29, 2020 — Admin Account

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