Memphis rapper Lontrell Denell Williams Jr, known in the Hip Hop Community as Pooh Shiesty, is reportedly facing a minimum sentence of 20 years after being charged for his role in the Miami nightclub shooting. Allegedly, the rapper was reportedly being escorted out of King Of Diamonds by security guards when a stack of money fell from his pants. An altercation happened and Shiesty allegedly fired his gun at the floor, which struck a security guard in the ankle.

Reports coming in from lawyer Moe Gangat, the artist will face a judge this week, where the court and judge will decide if he gets released on bond or not. In a video posted to Instagram, Gangat said there is a good chance that Shiesty will get out (on bond). 

Pooh Shiesty surrendered himself to authorities on Tuesday, which as a full week after the alleged incident took place. It is reported that Shiesty had upwards of $40K stolen from him at the Club, however, he shot down that narrative by stating publicly. "False allegations nothing never been took from me."


June 08, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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