Comin’ up almost and rising faster than nearly any other rapper in the game, “White Iverson” Post Malone has only had a 3 year career- can you imagine that? With number 1 Bilboard charting songs, Austin Richard Post is only 22 years old and has one of the largest net worths within the game for his time spent therein.

Despite his lack of time spent dropping beats, Post is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $14 million in 2018. His first hit White Iverson was completed and recorded 2 days after he started writing it, which launched his monumental and fire worthy career.

Today Post Malone is chilling with his fat stacks, living life and loving it- with most recent news showing Post heading 2019 Pot of Gold show, he’ll be in the game for some time to come.  

December 03, 2018 — Admin Account

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