Being in the spotlight can be trying for anyone, and Big Jade has been building a name for herself in recent years, achieving new heights in her success this year following great collabs with Erica Banks and producer BeatKing. 

Now that she is becoming a household name, the 26 year old is receiving all kinds of different offers to further her career and she's having to weight her options. 

During a recent interview with Houston radio station 97.9 The Box, Big Jade states that she was approached by Migos rapper Offset to sign with him. However, she explained she went a different route after allegedly being told she would need to get plastic surgery.

"I could have signed with Offset and he was willing to give me double what Alamo [Records] gave me," revealed Big Jade during the interview. "I love Offset to death, I love him and Cardi B to death. I didn't sign with Offset because of a statement that he made about [me having to] start from scratch and get my body done. You ain't talked to me about getting my body done. I probably would have wanted to get my body done but the fact that you ain't talked to me about it first-- if you would have gotten to know me and talked to me, you would have seen that's not even what I'm pushing. I feel like hip-hop died when titties and ass started becoming more important than the music. I'm not gone do that. Even if I'm not happy with something in myself, I'm still not gone do it. That's something that I battle with every day. Like, should I get this [procedure] done, should I get that done? I'm still learning how to love myself so that's what I wanna push. I wanna show people that they can love themselves."

What do you think about Jade turning down the offer Offset presented?

May 31, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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