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Reginae Carter Fatshamed, Mother Toya Wright Claps Back

June 10, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

A man seriously tried to tell Reginae Carter that she was too fat to be in a photo with her friends- literally what do you expect to gain from saying that? Fat shaming is one of the lowest things a man can do, especially to a woman who just wants to be beautiful with her friends. 

Reginae Carter, daughter to Lil Wayne was getting glammed up and posed with her friends, when a solid hater slid into the comment section telling her that her "body type," didn't belong next to the other women. 


"Umm, maybe if you was taller and slimmer but you don't belong in this picture," 


Besides the quick clapback by Toya, Reginae herself doesn't seem to be letting the hate get to her, posting a beautiful bikini photo of her body shortly after. Keep your chin up and head high Reginae.