Having just finished up a sweet collab with McDonalds on the Saweetie Meal, the young rapper has a new partnership, this time with MAC Cosmetics. At only 28, she has been named the company's newest global brand ambassador. 

To celebrate the announcement, MAC took to posting a clip to their IG page of Saweetie rocking a slick high ponytail, a tight blue dress, and her signature sparkly hoop earrings.

“Our new Best Friend,” the caption reads. “@Saweetie is the new MAC Girl and Global Brand Ambassador. Stay tuned…#MACLovesSaweetie.”

MAC's Senior Vice President / Global Creative Director, Drew Elliott, also spoke highly of the “My Type” rapper in a press release, US Weekly reports.

“Saweetie’s message of self-confidence and female empowerment is the perfect match for a brand like MAC that has always embraced unapologetic self-expression with open arms,” he said.

“She has always loved our products, she told me she has swallowed pounds of MAC lip gloss in her life.”

Saweetie will be the face of upcoming MAC Cosmetics campaigns and collections. The musician will also join in with some of the brand’s artists to showcase her own beauty tips and secrets.

Recently, the rapper was spotted at an event in celebration of her exciting step into the makeup industry. Check out some of the photos that showcase her stunning outfit. 

See our MAC Girl’s celebratory evening snapshots below.

September 20, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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