Shaq is both a man of culture and a hustler, the man never misses a beat. As one of the biggest and funniest personalities in sports media, Shaquille O'Neal is no stranger to cracking jokes and jabs at someone's expense. 

Last night Shaq was on set with NBA on TNT Panel of Dwayne Wade and Candace Parker. During the evening they went on to interview a dunk contestant named Aaron Gordon...and the man seemed absolutely high out of his mind. Shaq made sure throughout the interview to poke fun at Gordon in the most subtle ways possible. 

Shaw alluded to him getting "high" on his jumps, while Shaq's fellow interviewer asks Gordon to "smoke" the competition. Near the end of the segment, Shaq made sure to mention to Wade and Parker that he had to cut the "weeds" around the house...clearly all the jabs went a little too high over his head, but it all made for good comedy with the crew cracking up. 

Had Charles Barkley been on set we're sure there would have been even more jokes flying. Keep your eyes tuned in to Hip Hop Bling for more news and dope new hip hop jewelry!

February 05, 2020 — Admin Account

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