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Snoh Aalegra Shares Her Response To Sade Comparisons After Debate Causes Backlash On Social Media

July 16, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

One Tweet in the Hip Hop Community really can set fans off and that's just what happened after a single simple tweet on July 15. For the better part of Thursday, there was a discussion about the talents of Sade and Snoh Aalegra.  "Snoh Aalegra is our Sade," the person wrote, and soon, thousands of people weighed in, and, inadvertently, Aalegra faced a bit of backlash without doing anything wrong. 

Sade fans were quick to state that the music icon stands alone and will always stand alone and that no one should or could be compared to her. After hours of seeing her name entangled in the debate, Aalegra even took to Twitter to praise Sade. 

Even Questlove added his two cents, hoping to quell the discussion and attacks against Aalegra. "Relax. Let's Snoh find her path. this is just gonna prompt scrutiny/snark to an artist who don't deserve it. besides some photos, the comparison is unfair," the famed musician tweeted. Later, Aalegra returned with her response to the controversy.

Aalegra joined in on the convo, too. 

"There’s only one Queen Sade Adu. There will never be another one," Aalegra wrote. "This comparison I just saw is so unnecessary. It’s not even a debate. Respect the legend, please." She added, "Sade is every generations Sade."

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