Earlier this month Stephen A Smith managed to piss off a lot of MMA fans, including Joe Rogan, perhaps one of the most notorious ones. Smith based Donald Cerrone's 40 second performance to Conor McGregor- in fact, he was "disgusted" by his lackluster showing. 

Rogan was right besides Smith when he made those comments and feelings of frustration are an understatement. Going on the JRE MMA Show, Joe Rogan aired out his feelings on the comments - in short though, Rogan thought it was all bad for the sport. 

Smith of course had a comeback: 

“You’re wrong on this one, my man.” He continued, "First of all as it pertains to ESPN, check the numbers, the subscribers to ESPN+, the level of attention that it got, the traffic that it generated in the digital and beyond...Not good for the sport? I think that’s good for the sport.”

Conor McGregor got wind of the disagreement and sounded off his thoughts as well. Based on the brewing beef, we wouldn't at all be surprised to see Smith hopping on The Joe Rogan Experience to vent it out.

January 27, 2020 — Admin Account

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