Tekashi 69 has been in a heap of trouble with federal authorities for issues far beyond the pedophile allegations levied against him- in fact, the majority of the hup hop community is rooting against him. He broke one of the cardinal rules, don't be a snitch.

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In providing federal authorities information about his homies in hopes of leniency, Tekashi made enemies of practically everyone outside, and many already inside the slammer. In fact, he's already had to be moved prisons due to gang violence he spawned. 

In the hopes of getting out sooner, Tekashi has been beefing up his legal team of representatives, and a big name has just entered the ring: Alex Spiro. If the name sounds familiar, he is the same lawyer that represents Jay Z and specifically was hired by Hov and Roc Nation to help deal with 21 Savages immigration issues. Spiro could be the tipping point for Tekashi's case, as defendants continue to plead guilty around him. Spiro will be joining Dawn Florio, Lance Lazzaro and others to help 69 out of jail.

July 10, 2019 — Admin Account

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