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July 21, 2020 4 min read 0 Comments

It's been a hell of a rough year for The Game, but the past several weeks have been especially difficult for the rapper. Early this month The Game's grandmother passed away, and based on his responses, he was pretty close to her. 

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Took me a full day for the tears to stop.... And it’s not that I’m not emotionally devastated, but simply that I am in so much pain that my heart can’t even gather the strength to produce another drop. My queen, my angel... the very reason from which my name was created. It was always you. The strength, the glue that held the family together for as long as I can remember. From you chasing me around the dining room table with the belt to you coming out on stage for my 1st show in Los Angeles, I’ve always known how much you loved me. I started writing this last night & stopped because every time I got close to this part, I’d burst into tears all over again. This morning I heard your voice telling me to be STRONG but I can’t. I’m weakened by the simple fact that I will never see you again in the physical form & that hurts me to the depths of my soul Grandma. I miss you so much & if I had just one wish it would be to see you smile at me the way you do one more time. That 1/2 grin, with those beautiful green eyes you passed on to me & Cali... I miss it !!! I’m hurt, I’m suffering, I’m wounded, in traumatic discomfort with what I now have to accept.... You not being here is probably the worst pain I’ve experienced to date. Going back in my mind & replaying all of the memories we created throughout my childhood has been all I can get myself to do today. After I got shot, you nursed me back to health. 2 months in the house everyday feeding me soup & helping me walk til I was whole again. A piece of me is forever gone & I can really feel that emptiness. Why does God allow you to love a person so passionately & then remove them from your life in a manor it seems like you’ll never recover from ? I love you Grandma.. & the entire family is in mourning. I miss you beautiful.. you will always be my heart. Descansa en paz abuela 🖤

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"My queen, my angel... the very reason from which my name was created. It was always you. The strength, the glue that held the family together for as long as I can remember," he said. 

As the month rolls on, The Game has been open about his grieving process and the struggles therein. Last night he posted a photo of himself to his feed back from when he was young and sitting on the beach with her. A pouting expression clouded his face, to which he akined his current mood. 

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This was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I’ve never known a life without you so today feels different. There’s an emptiness attached to your passing that can’t be filled with anything on this earth. You were & will always be my angel. I’ve always thought, what if something happened to my mother especially after losing my father..... Then I see people lose their children & I think to myself, how are they able to live with that. I even think about myself dying one day but it’s so crazy to me how I’ve never thought about you leaving this world. Never once occurred to me that it was a possibility because you’ve always been there. So beautiful, so strong..... so loving & non-judge mental. The head of a beautiful family that you built with your own hands. There is no me without you & I know you can see me hurting. Help me like you always do grandma. Show me the light just one more time. Please......... It didn’t seem real until I actually saw you go into the earth. I waited with you the entire day until the sun left footsteps across the sky... til everyone was gone & I shoveled every grain of earth into the ground until it was filled because I felt that was the least I could do to show you how much you’ve always meant to me. All that I am is you & I’ve told the story of how I got my name to whoever would listen so trust me when I say... the world feels my pain. All the direct messages, calls, texts, flowers & love from everyone is so much appreciated. I lost a huge piece of my heart that can never be replaced..... but as you would always tell me..... “All living things must perish, but do not fret grandson because the earthly body is merely a costume borrowed by God to be used on earth until he calls you home & your work here is done”. I love you little lady & I will miss you being here, the only way I’ve known you to be. Sleep well Queen 💔

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"If missing your father & grandmother had a face," Game wrote. "A boy who once had a full family is down to one parent & no grandparents. Pray for me 🙏🏾.