The Weeknd, one of the greatest artists of his time, is celebrating his birthday in style. While he himself may claim to be the hardest to love, fans found it easy to show their constant love for the Toronto based artist, shouting his praises and wishing him well on his 31st birthday. The love poured in across all social media fans as they wished him a great birthday. 

In case anyone needed a refresher on all of The Weeknd's accomplishments, he has reached the #1 position five times on the Billboard Hot 100, won three GRAMMY awards (which he says are meaningless after being snubbed this year), becoming a two-time world record holder, and selling over 75-million recordsThe Weeknd is one of the greatest artists of his generation. 


 Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, 500PX

February 16, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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