If you haven't been up on industry news, life is shifting for many entertainers, rappers, celebrities and influencers for current and past deeds. Every day it seems like someone or some brand is apologizing for a past tweet or vid - such may be the case for mega church evangelical pastor Louie Giglio, whom recently sat down with Lecrae. 

During their talk Giglio mentioned that he wanted to changed the cultural term of "white privilege" to "white blessing," so it wouldn't "carry the stigma of guilt, but a blessing that slavery helped to build this nation." 

As expected, that remark quickly brought heavy backlash and soon after Giglio offered an apology - but the frustration didn't end with him, it extended to Lecrae as well for not standing up when Giglio first made the comment. Lecrae said he spoke with Giglio afterwards, but that wasn't enough for T.I. 

"[Lecrae] exercised extreme caution, and I respect that, because I would've tested [his jaw probably," T.I. said. Then, he spoke about Louie Giglio and his apology. "Nah, bruh. That's what I keep trying to tell y'all. They can give a f*ck less about what we think or how we feel. They only care about how much we spend."

Listen to the entire convo with T.I. in the vid below. 

June 17, 2020 — Admin Account

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