While Tiffany Haddish is very happily in love with Common, there was a time that she was on the market for a new love - one night in particular she had a missed connection with Drake. 

Years ago Haddish spoke about the time Drake canceled their dinner date due to "a family emergency." Recently, She also spoke on the incident with Luenell on VladTV. It all started with a DM, with Drake hoping she'd star in his "Nice For What" music video. 

"I had no relationship with Drake whatsoever," Tiffany Haddish said. "I would explore it if he was trying to... What kind of personality do he got? What's the tea with him? He had slid in my DMs, I had no idea. I ran into him at a party and he was like, 'Man, I was in your DMs. I'm trying to get you to do my music video.'"

When she checked her messages there it was, Drake's messages to her. Shortly after she starred in his video, Drake offered to buy her dinner. Unfortunately Drake cancelled the date last minute due to  "Family Emergency," and Tiffany believes it was related to Drake's baby momma Sophie Brussaux being pregnant with their son Adonis. Luenell made a joke about Sophie being a stripper, and claimed that SHE would have risked it to have Drake's baby. 

August 19, 2020 — Admin Account

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