Jay-Z is many things, a legend among them - but for as large of a star as he is, he's also notoriously reclusive. While he's sure to be seen at a few gatherings like the Met Gala and Roc Nation parties, he seems to want to spend most of his time at home and off social media. 

After all that relaxing, Jay-Z took a break in Hawaii recently, and ended up joining a small group of friends for a workout on the beach. His style was impeccable, with a colorful bucket hat, Puma and Rhude to show off. With how reclusive he is, it's nor surprise many of the photos are going viral, with many actually going so far as fat-shaming the rapper for his bulge. 

Trippie Redd was no exception, pointing out his belly made him look like a middle aged mother, and Roasted Hov with his own album. Remarking on DJ Akademiks repost of the photos, Redd commented 444 Pounds, a clear reference to Hov's 4:44 album. 

It may be slightly surprising that he commented at all, with how much Trippie has to lose - maybe this is why jay-Z spends most of his time inside.
December 14, 2020 — Peter Tosto

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