Diddy is one of the dopest daddy’s to ever have played the game- at a cool $850M, he’s one of the richest as well. If you’re about that cool hip hop style that true swagger can bring out, Hip Hop Bling will have you repping like Puff Daddy without a fraction of his bank.

There’s no denying it, Sean Combs is fresh AF in his style. Point blank, this is one of the coolest dawgs to have spit bars- while he may or may not be in the studio right now laying down new tracks, being the second richest in the game gives him some leeway when it comes to style. From bigass chains like he used to wear with Biggie, to the classic diamond studs, his style is on point.

Hip Hop Bling will help you cop Diddy’s mad style, even when you’re short on cash- our high quality ice isn’t going to cost you bank, but it WILL have you repping like the biggest names in the game. Cop a new Jesus Piece and Ice Time watch today.

July 17, 2018 — Admin Account

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