Sometimes, everyone needs a reminder that rappers can.. rap. It seems like alot of people forgot that Tyler the Creator could actually rap, until the arrival of CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST. Though many of his recent releases veered into more experimental territory -- including his Grammy Award Winning IGOR -- his latest portfolio has served everyone a pleasant reminder that yes, he can in fact spit bars with the best of them.

In other news, Tyler continues to be inspired by his hip-hop peers. During a recent XXL interview, Tyler opened up about Kendrick Lamar's "Family Ties" verse, a release that -- for a few moments, at least -- shut down the rap world. For Tyler, Kendrick's performance and creativity was impressive enough to leave a lasting impression.

"You know why it ruined me? Because it’s someone at that level still gunning,” Tyler, The Creator said. “He’s trying new voices. He’s trying new shit. He’s still learning. You can tell he was off his phone for a few months.”  

It's always great to see an artist single out one of his or per peers as a chief source of inspiration. We love to see it. If you need a refresher on the song, check it out. 

October 01, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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