There's been a lot of rumors regarding the fatal shooting of King Von in Atlanta, which even include Lil Durk entirely buying out Quando Rondo's upcoming concert. Late one night, according to Von's manager King got into an altercation with Quando's click, however on that night Von wasn't as careful as he normally is. 

Instead of getting situated first as he normally does, Von reportedly rushed straight towards members of Quando's crew he found out were hanging out in the same parking lot, outside of an Atlanta hookah bar. In a new video shared by DJ Akedemiks, the altercation, including the fatal shooting was caught on a security cam. 

The video shows a large group of men that King Von approaches, walking towards someone who may are claiming was Quando Rondo. Rondo was reportedly sitting on a car slightly further out, as Von approached and simply punched him directly in the face. Things quickly escalated from a fist fight to a shoot out, which sent both crews running. 

"Those shots that was fired from the individuals that shot Von and myself was the only shots fired from those individuals. Every other shot was coming from authorities. They started shooting everywhere. So, when you see everybody taking cover, they wasn't taking cover away from the shooter from Von. They was takin' cover because they didn't know where the shots was going from."


Initially it was confirmed that 2 men were fatally shot during the altercation, one of which being King Von. He was taken to a local hospital, and succumbed to his wounds on November 6th. 

Asian Doll, Von's girlfriend deactivated his social accounts, and reportedly gave his last words, which she received through a spiritual medium. 

"'Oh, I talked to Von on a spiritual level with a spirit reader and he's letting shit be known. He's talking fasho and... he feel y'all shouldn't have let 'em get him. Facts.' So, you talkin' to the dead now, Asian Doll? So, Von, in the afterlife, is telling Asian Doll these facts, guys."



November 11, 2020 — Peter Tosto

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