What you know about Wiz Khalifa, creator of Khalifa kush and some of the dopest tracks in hip hop? Wiz Khalifa’s been killin’ it for years with the biggest nakes to ever drop tracks in Hip Hop. With more than a decade of dropping dope projects, Wiz Khaliffa is expanding his empire through other clothing and business ventures.

At an approximated net worth of $45 million, Wiz Khalifa’s got enough cash to cover his growing hemp business and anything his children could want. As a parent with Amber Rose, Wiz has been known to be a model dad by his former wife, and his love certainly shows.

Today Wiz Khalifa’s dropping his money on expanding his Khalifa Kush empire, he’s dropping new music and continuing in Snoop Dogg’s steps as a successful entrepreneur himself. We look forward to new projects from Wiz in the hopefully near future.

November 28, 2018 — Admin Account

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