Yeezy Boost fans are facing a crisis as the new shoe line by Kanye West hit shelves today. Hundreds of thousands of buyers who woke up early looking to cop a pair were left disappointed as their wait times lengthened and online portals such as ran into more and more issues. 

It's no secret y'all, Yeezy fans are fanatical and go to crazy lengths to get their hands on new pairs - in fact, the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 had some people camping out for days in front of stores and crashed major online portals when buy links went live today. 

Many whom went online to purchase felt like they were being clowned with messages claiming "You are now in the waiting room" being replaced with large and in charge "SOLD OUT" lettering that left many high and dry. 

For the many whom weren't able to cop a new pair, our heart goes out to you- doubtless we'll soon see Ebay postings with highly inflated pricing, but at the end it comes down to priorities. What will you do to grab a new pair? 
June 12, 2019 — Admin Account

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