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December 21, 2020 1 min read 0 Comments

Young Thug is one of the busiest men in the world of Hip Hop. Not only is he running his own fashion label while appearing in a vast multitude of hit albums, he's still found time to make his own music. 

Over the past few months Young Thug has been teasing fans with the release of Slime Language 2 and Punk. While the former will likely be a collab with other YSL artists, Punk will of course be a solo feature. After wiping his instagram clean, he gave some context on the "ExpediTIously Podcast" with T.I. and Benny the Butcher. While Thugger confirmed that the two aforementioned albums are on the way, there's still plenty of music yet to come. 

"I'm doing the Slime Language 2 album. I'm putting that shit out and then I'm putting out my album Punk," Young Thug said. "I might put out two albums though. Sometimes the relationship will get old. I just want to start a new relationship with my label."

While no clear dates were set in stone, it's obvious that more hotness is on the way. Be prepped for new music, and watch the full interview below.