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    Hip Hop News

    Damian Lillard Doesn't Put Much Stock In NBA 2K20 Rating

    Damian Lillard Doesn't Put Much Stock In NBA 2K20 Rating

    Every year Take-Two games churns out a completely brand new, no old features, completely updated NBA 2K game for the fans of the series. Hey if people keep buying it, might as well keep making it right? Just this last week they released the official player rankings for the 2020 season, and not everyone is thrilled with where they sit. 

    In fact, some like Damian Lillard don't even pay that much attention to their 2K rankings. After all, the people who code the game don't actually know as much about sinking shots as Lillard right? 

    With a rating of 92, Damian wishes it was a bit higher but his overall ranking doesn't phase him too much. Top names like Lebron, KD, Kawhi and others are up there in the top 10 as's just that Damian Lillard believes he's better than names like Paul George and Anthony Davis.

    What do you think? Should Lillard be high on the list, closer to King James? In an interview with, DL said that "It's fine, I never really cared,"

    "I don't understand why people get mad about what the rating is. A lot of people that come up with the game, they probably can't even shoot."

    Space Jam 2 With Lebron James Sees Surprise Director Change

    Space Jam 2 With Lebron James Sees Surprise Director Change

    In a surprise move, the former head director of Space Jam 2 has left the production over reported "creative differences." The followup to the titanic Space Jam movie will no longer see Terence Nance at the helm. 

    Multiple reports are showing Malcolm D Lee taking over the lead director spot in his stead. Known for "Girls Night" and directing "Night School," Lee may not be the most conventional of choices, but the film has a start studded crew ready to make Space Jam 2 the sequel we all hope it can be. 

    Ryan Coogler from Black Panther, Lebron James as director, Duncan Henderson and Maverick Carter will remain on as producers - King James will be joined by teammates Damian Lillard, Klay Thompson, Chris Paul and Diana Taurasi. While Don Cheadle has signed as well, his role is not yet known. 


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