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If you’re looking for true fine jewelry quality earrings, here they are. Introducing our finest, highest quality earrings ever: micro pave sterling silver earrings. These quality iced out earrings are in the whole different world compared to other types of earrings. These hip hop earsrings are made to the exact same specifications as top end diamond jewelry worn by rappers and hip hop industry millionaires. Micropave refers to the settings of the stones, where a grand arrangement of stones produces an incredible shine. A large amount of small, high quality cubic zirconias are hand set onto the sterling silver metal, creating a look nearly identical to diamond earrings. This collection features classic white diamond stones as well as exotic stones such as black diamond CZ’s and canary yellow diamond replicated stones. These earrings are made of genuine 925 sterling silver and coated with rhodium, which is an expensive metal used to coat white gold jewelry to prevent tarnishing and scratches. These earrings are thick and solid, and we guarantee you will not notice any difference when placed side by side with genuine diamond white gold earrings. Micropave is the best quality hip hop jewelry in the world.