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If you’ve been searching for the holy grail of replica hip hop pendants, your search is hereby over. Our micropave pendants look and feels like genuine white gold and diamond jewelry in every way. Whether you observe these from 3 feet away or 3 inches away, you’ll be blown away by the quality. These are on another level and shouldn’t even be considered replica jewelry, these are genuine pendants, made with less expensive materials than the high-end versions. Imagine yourself rocking this high level bling at the club and nicest restaurants like a VIP. You’ll turn heads all day long and you’ll have no problem letting people hold it because it looks AND feels real. Not even jewelers can tell for sure without careful examination! The material is genuine sterling silver. This means that you get the heavy weight, small details and elegant finish of a real precious metal. The entire piece is then coated with rhodium, which is the same material used to finish genuine white gold jewelry. This means that when you put one of these side by side with a $10,000 white gold pendant, you’ll notice NO difference in the finish. What are really special about these pendants are the stones. These top grade cubic zirconias are micropave set, meaning hundreds of these glistening rocks are hand set with the use of microscopes for a look that resembles a cluster of blinding shimmer. The finish, shine and details on each and every one of these pendants are incredible. If you want something that looks and feels high-end, it is well worth the money. Don’t settle for anything but the best. Of course, if you feel like paying tens of thousands for something that looks the same, that’s your choice. We carry all the popular styles of micropave pendants and iced out crosses. Take your pick!