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Hip Hop Bling has just launched a line of Authentic Casio custom G Shock watches with custom real diamond or simulated diamond bezels. We all remember rocking G Shocks many years ago, and now it’s back with more swag! These customized G Shock watches are the newest thing to hit the block. Hip Hop Bling now carries iced out G Shocks which has never been seen before. These are your good ol’ Authentic Casio G Shocks, but super decked out. We make these interchangeable face plates in real diamond or simulated diamonds depending on your budget. For our simulated diamond face plates we use the highest quality stones available in the market so that each stone is absolutely flawless. Each stone whether it’s genuine or lab made is hand placed with perfection so when light hits the watch it gives off a mirror shine. When people see you rocking an iced out G Shock they’re going to be speechless. If you are looking for something that’s old school with a kick of new school then you will not go wrong with our Customized G Shocks. More styles coming soon!